PLC Programming

PLC / HMI Programming

Our electrical installation department are experts in installing new and used robotic equipment. From design stage to implementation we can offer the latest technology to support all your requirements.
Because we are experts in robotics and safety systems we can fully integrate robotic cells into running production machinery with the most up to date systems and equipment.

We can offer a full design, test and installation service. Specialising in Mitsubishi control, we can design complete robotic cells, fully automated with the latest man machine interfaces.

Whatever your need we have a system to suit your budget. We make our systems user friendly for both operators and maintenance personnel. We design the cells and the HMI to be completely self explanatory for the operators so minimal maintenance intervention is required.
We use latest sequence technology enabling quick easy cell recovery when faults or breakdowns occur.

What ever your PLC or automation
needs contact us today for advice, support and low price quotations.




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